10/1/13 Update

Just a quick update. This week I started class 5 out of 9 for my audio production degree at Berklee College of Muisc in Boston, MA. I been taking these courses to really enhance the production quality of my music. I like not only playing and creating my own music, but also the production side of it. I'm in the process of finishing building my own home music production studio in which I'll be opening up in the near future to produce the work of local artists in the Chicagoland area for an affordable price. Stay tuned for that and if interested go to the Contact section to send me an email. I have some of my information up in the About section relating to Producing Music. And finally...I plan to have my first full length album out near the end of 2014. I'm excited to get it out and share more music with you all. Peace and keep rocking on \m/

9/26/13 Welcome!

Welcome to my official website for all things about my music and various projects I'm working on.  I will do my best to keep everyone up to date with my music and glad to have you all a part of this great journey of some awesome metal music.  Feel free to check out everything on the site and check back often as I will be adding a lot more.  Thanks and keep the Metal alive!!

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